I imagined my life. I accepted no one could create it more beautifully than I myself. I create what doesn’t exist and send it out into the world, to those who too imagined the impossible.
— Chundra Bradford

The Idea

B1900's goal is nothing more than to give the most enjoyable and magical shopping experience. To shape the identity of women's closets all over the world.

We strive to make sure that whatever garment finds you. Reminds of you of the classiest women to grace this earth. A 19th century feel that you can relive today.

Style & Quality

Every woman seeks that signature piece that validates her femininity. There's no bigger confirmation and more beautiful feeling than to know that your style is the conversation of people all across the globe. 

I am a firm believer that Quality and Style coincide and we can not have one without the other. B1900's guarantees you'll eventually believe the same while wearing our women's luxury apparel.